Emigration List
We have now posted the list of emigrants from Selbu and Tydal to America during the period 1856 to 1930. The list includes over 2,000 names, and are organized by year of publication. The list is searchable by pressing ctrl + f at the same time after you open document.

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Utvandrerutstillingen is made up with subtitles, pictures, maps, documents, and some artifacts of the themes:

  • Emigration from Norway to Cleng Peerson, America with utvandrernes father, and “Restaurationen”, the first utvandrerbåten from Stavanger.
  • The exodus from Selbu to America.
  • Emigration from Christian p. Garberg’s hjemgård Ustigarden Garberg in Selbu. Skogasrbeid in Washington State around århundredeskiftet 1800/1900.
  • Gold findings and gold business in Juneau and Douglas Iceland in Alaska.
  • Findings of gold, the gold rush and gold business in the Yukon Territory, Klondike, in Canada.
  • Findings of gold, the gold rush and gold business in Nome tied in with the development of the city of Nome.
  • The returning emigrants and the build-up of the Granby farm.
  • Of the 2,300 buildings that seals migrated to America did some more observed than others. Some of these are included in our exhibition.
    • Sons of Norway in which six of the eighteen which established the Organization came from Selbu.
    • Belle Gunness known as serial killer from Selbu.
    • Andrews Sisters. Their mother emigrated from Selbu to America with her parents.
    • We have chosen to put a broad focus on gold to dig a trench in Alaska and Canada. This is based on two reasons. Gold to dig a trench in these areas are a core part of the Granby Farm with its own history and Norwegians who took part in this business are generally devoted little attention in utvandrerhistoriske contexts.

In linking to the exhibition there is a cosy “bokkrok”, with the literature on Norwegian utvandrerhistorie, local history and Norwegian history.

The exhibition and book collection will be continually supplemented and expanded.

Exhibition premises are furnished and decorated with reusable stuff from our recognized recent past. Woman crafts from the past hundred years has a central place in the furnishing and decoration of the premises. Everything from conservation through use. mission statement