Welcome to the Granby farm and the newly restored Barn with an exciting exhibition utvandrerhistorisk and distinctive venues for meetings and cultural events.
Granby is one of several “Amerikagårder” in Selbu. “Amerikagårder” in the sense of farms that are made up of seals builds that emigrated to America and later moved back to their home village and established themselves as farmers.

Christian p. Garberg, who along with his wife Ingeborg Tomasdatter Garberg built Granby Farm lived 18 years in America.

Granby Gård is situated in the entrance of Selbu, about 30 km from

Stjørdal and Trondheim airport, approximately 60 km from Trondheim, Norway. The farm is located just off highway 705, the Selbu lake and the Pilgrim path through Selbu and Tydal.

Operating building, Barn, restored according to the principle of conservation through use. The exterior facade is unchanged. The building was constructed in 1912 at glomgold and wood. Inside, the building completely restored from the old meets the new principle. Those visiting the barn will both meet the old barn in the new, and the new in the old barn, a unique encounter between old and new. The whole building is heated by hot water from a new tile Stokers in the old basement fertilizer.