Apartments with kitchenette/lounge (30 beds),
meeting rooms, Conference and function rooms, catering services, games room, 24 hour
a solarium and a driving range.

Around the resort is a superb 9-hole forest railway and river Nea offers √
great opportunities for fishing and other outdoor activities. Selbutunet Central
√ location 5 min to downtown Selbu, 10 min to the Granby farm.

Pilegrimsleden – Romboleden
Granby Gård lies next to rombo and overnight accommodations to Pilgrim walkers.

Solveig Stene has been conducting its own farm for 30 years and make use of milk and meat from our own farm in its further processing at Selbumat
Own recipes and local tradition is important in the development of Selbumat
Otherwise, use local ingredients such as venison, berries and cheese from Selbu Dairy food production at Selbumat

Drommedar Kaffebar
Dromedar coffee shop is present near the pub, a place where the staff is on say hello with all customers, a place where you can meet your neighbors for a cup of coffee, a place where you can invite your heart utkårede on the first date (how else can you give him/her a cappuccino with heart?)

Marienborg Guest House has over 100 years of experience take care of travelers and travel memoirs people with shelter and food. Guest House only has 15 beds in single and double rooms, several lounges and dining room of CA. 45 guests.

Norsk Kulturarw
Norwegian Heritage is a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to contribute to the protection of the cultural heritage through the berekraftig use. The Foundation has as its motto: Conservation through use.Business development based on cultural heritage is required to raise revenue that can help take care of the wonderful diversity of our cultural heritage.

Selbusjøen Hotell & gjestegård
Selbusjøen Hotell & gjestegård opened its doors as a hotel in 1988, after a significant reconstruction and development. The hotel has 58 rooms today/116 beds for accommodation, and it is also adapted for funsjonshemmede in the rooms, as well as a lift. There are also additional separate wing for allergy sufferers

Norsk Radiomuseum
Norwegian Radio museum in Selbu captured radio history from 1890 to 1980 and displays both the amount of pictures, music and radio show from the different periods.
It is mainly concentrated around the production in Norway and especially amongst the largest.

It’s Of No Use 
Inger Grandby was insiativtaker to the launching of the network. It is a voluntary network of former addicts who today live completely normal lives, with work, school, family, and friends. We have learned that it’s of no use to take hold of their own lives, and we have experienced the value of others have bothered.

Selbu Kommune
In Selbu municipality, we have satisfied residents through interaction and proud employees by adding because these values: dedication, Positivity, respect, consideration, openness

Selbu museum
Selbu Museum located in Selbu old rectory set in downtown Selbu, Selbu Church. The parsonage was built in 1745 under the priest Peter Eilert Kaasbøl Rose Butterfly service time (1701-66). In 1914, it was built a new parish house and the old one was taken over by the municipality and used as the parish house in the years 1922-1971. Around 1980, the old Manse turned into Selbu Museum. The plant was listed in 1927.

In the shop you can purchase various local history books, knitted products, Museum replicas, leirs, postcards etc

Auckland Business forum
Auckland Business forum is a membership organization that shall promote the business community in the United States and thus contribute to increased value creation in existing businesses and improved basis for start-ups.

Selbu Næringsforum
is a free-standing and independent organization with the purpose of promoting business in Selbu.
SNF was founded in 2002 at the initiative of Selbu Industrial Association.
The Norwegian utvandrersenteret
The Norwegian utvandrersenteret documenting, researching and conveys the story of Norwegian and immigration, and working to create better knowledge and greater understanding of the processes that relate to migration as a phenomenon.

Norwegian Emigration Center

The Norwegian Emigration Center researches and disseminates Norwegian emigration and immigration history. We are working to improve the knowledge and understanding of the processes related to migration as a phenomenon. We are also a national genealogy research center.